Three wheels DUAL AC

Three wheels - DUAL AC

Forklift trucks DUAL AC with front-wheel traction two-engined 1.5 t., 1.75 t. , 1.95 t., 2.3 t.

Electronic control

This electronic control manages two AC asynchronus three-phases motors and it can offer power and speed as a diesel forllift truck, a great reliability since the inverter and the motor are protected against dust and liquids with protection degree IP 56


Particular attention in the planning has been turned to make the driver job pleasant and without fatiguing.

The winding and springy seat is at 1100 mm from the ground.

The levers of the hydraulic distributor are placed in ergonomic way to avoid the operator arm be fatigued.

The steering-wheel is integrated in the dashboard where a smart display is lodged.

The forklift truck operator can receive every information about the forklift truck by this smart display and he can also decide on the best performances in the different work situations.

Safety and stability

This forklift truck can curve maintaining high speed and so you don't loose your productivity.

It can do this because it has a very low barycentre and the battery is situared between the front axis and the rear one.

This electronic control further to be silent and harmonius, it allows the forklift truck to be stopped also on ramps or ditches without the operator has to brake.