Four wheels DUAL AC

Four wheels - DUAL AC

Forklift trucks DUAL AC with front-wheel traction two-engined 1.6 t., 2.0 t., 2.3 t. , 2.5 t., 3.0 t., 3.5 t., 4.5 t., 4.9 t., 6.0 t.

The front-wheel traction two-engined with asynchrnous triphase motors supplies elevated couples also in high speed, this forklift has an indipendent traction in every wheel, so the forklift truck can turn on itself as a three forklift truck.

The most important highlights are:

  • front-wheel traction with twin-motor AC
  • disk brakes in oil bath, so without maintenance
  • elevated performances and so also more productivity
  • improved visibility
  • a four forklift truck that can turn as a three wheels forklift truck

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